Dog Class Photos

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Here's a small collection of dog class photos


Donna (in wheelchair) conducting an Evaluation in a "3 minute seperation" during AKC Canine Good Citizen Test (C.G.C) with another evaluator, Dale Dutill.

Donna with her dog Lia during the AKC Canine Good Citizen Testing doing the "Reaction To Another Dog".

First class is the Orientation/Registratin evening without the dogs


ABC Student Stephanie with her dog

Pet Quarters class graduates 2011

ABC Student Hailee Wolfe with her dog, Shea Winter 2011

Doug & Sophie Mae practicing "Watch Me" & "Leave-It" excercises

Rick & Bailey practicing "Heeling" or "Loose Leash Walking""

Clients teaching their dogs to SIT-STAY


My fall 2013 graduating class

Assistant Trainer, Dale during Orientation with two new Animal Behavior College students, Amanda & Aliesha

Student teaching the long DOWN-STAY

Terri teaching the STAND-STAY to Smokey